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healthy gluten-free travel.

Viva Las Vegas! We just returned from the City of Sin and I figured now was as good a time as ever to share with you my tips for gluten-free travel. Not only did I snap phone photos throughout the airport that I thought might be helpful to you, but I also scored shots of some delish dishes I had while visiting Las Vegas.

As many of you probably know, it can be tough to find gluten-free eats while on-the-go. That’s why it is always helpful to pack a few TSA-friendly items (i.e. no liquids, including yogurt and hummus) before embarking on a trip. That leads us to Rule #1 in gluten-free traveling …

1. Pack some snacks. This time around, I stored a gluten-free bagel with hummus, sprouts and lettuce in my bag:

healthy gluten-free travel.

Once you hit the airport, it’s important to a little bit of gluten-free scouting. Rule #2 will be especially necessary on the return trip home since you will most likely not be able to prepare a gluten-free sandwich or other dish for traveling. While I was in the airport, I spotted several gluten-free finds!

2. Go gluten-free hunting. I found steamed edamame, a gluten-free GoPicnic snack box, KIND bars (my favorite!), Pirate’s Booty and Chobani yogurt. I also found Sabra hummus which is paired with non-gluten-free pretzels. However, they are stored separately, meaning you can safely use the hummus and pass along the pretzels to a friend who doesn’t have to eat gluten-free. I enjoyed my hummus with a container of fresh cut carrots, celery and broccoli that I spotted at another store.

healthy gluten-free travel.

healthy gluten-free travel.

healthy gluten-free travel.
healthy gluten-free travel.

healthy gluten-free travel.
healthy gluten-free travel.

Rule #3 involves a little bit of creativity on your part. After all, plain old yogurt and other airport finds can get boring. This step might also help save you some cash …

3. Spice things up. For example, I bought some Chobani yogurt after going through security and paired it with a KIND bar that I already had in my bag. I saved myself a bit of cash and created a more filling bite to eat. Fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, crackers and other gluten-free, TSA-friendly items are a few other examples of things you can pack and pair with airport finds.

healthy gluten-free travel.

Rule #4 is perhaps the most important of all when traveling. Do not be afraid to enjoy eating out. You may or may not be surprised by just how many restaurants are more than happy to accommodate your gluten-free requests. While we were traveling, I enjoyed green juice (naturally gluten-free), coconut macadamia yogurt with grilled pineapple, trout almondine with haricots verts and gluten-free macaroons at Bouchon.

healthy gluten-free travel.
healthy gluten-free travel.
healthy gluten-free travel.
healthy gluten-free travel.

When dining out, it’s important to keep in mind that, while it’s hard to be “THAT” guy or gal with all of the questions, the more information you request from a server, the less of a chance you will have of ingesting gluten. Always keep a smile on your face and thank helpful servers for making your dining experience enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to request to speak with the chef. A big ol’ smile and some manners will go along way in ensuring a safe dining experience!

All-in-all we had a glorious trip that included walks down the strip, shopping, a helicopter tour over the Hoover Dam and a Cirque du Soleil show.

healthy gluten-free travel.

It was awesome!

I’m curious: What are your tips for easy gluten-free travel? Share below!


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