Forgotten Donuts Featured

I can't believe I forgot to post these lovely donuts along with my Healthier Carrot Cake Cupcake recipe this AM. Confession: I only have a 12 tin cupcake tin...which left me with additional batter (hence the recipe was an 18 cup recipe). I get really antsy, so I filled up my mini donut tin instead of waiting.

How cute are these? 

Forgotten Donuts

It's literall the exact same recipe and frosting.

Forgotten Donuts

I like frosting, but I don't LOVE it. So, these donuts are perfect for those who don't like to overdo it with the frosting. Seriously, perfect amount. 

Forgotten Donuts

Forgotten Donuts

I am loving my new Kitchen Aid Hand Held Mixer. You can thank Target and two $20 bills. I look at this purchase as an investment :)
Forgotten Donuts

As for the rest of the night. I will be studying. My Group Fitness Certification Class at Lifetime is pretty intensive.I literally learn all of the material for the ACE exam in 8 weeks and I'm ready to take the test (eeeee!). I want to take this process very seriously because I want to make sure I pass the first time I take it. What I am worried about is Anatomy/Physiology. I've never taken that kind of coursecourse (not even in HS), so it's pretty new stuff to me. That is what I'll be working on tonight!

My favorite part about this class so far is our homework assignments: Take as many group fit classes as you can and rate the performance of the instructor. I took my first class at Lifetime yesterday....Cardio Kickboxing. The instructor was really good (Heather). That girl has attitude (in a good way) and really brought energy to the room. I wasn't as into it as I could have been because I'm still fighting my cold. I'm at about 80% right now.

I did teach a class today at lunch. I usually use my classes as my workout (at least when I teach at work)...and do about 90% of the class. Today I toned it WAYYYY back. My voice is still raspy and my cold is now in my chest.

Hmph. Ready for it to be over!

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