Chicken Pot Featured

Need I say more?

IT'S PI DAY 3.14.2013.

Chicken Pot

Head over to Anytime Healthto get my healthified chicken pot pie recipe in celebration of this very mathematical (and magical) day.

In my world...every day is a foodie celebration.

Chicken Pot

I got a two thumbs up from Blake on this recipe. That says a lot coming from a guy who loves comfort food!

For a simpler, gluten free version...follow the steps for the filling and then serve over a bed of fresh cooked quinoa. Same GREAT taste without all of the gluten. (PS: you will need to alter the filling recipe and use a gluten free flour (such as garbanzo bean flour) to thicken it instead of all purpose).

Chicken Pot
Chicken Pot

Happy Pi Day!

What is your favorite kind of pie? Savory? Sweet? Apple? 

Authors: College Foodie Finds

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