semi-homemade blueberry pancakes Featured

Sorry gluten free eaters...these are gluten filled...Good news though....they can be made gluten free! 

I tend to wake up like 4 hours before Blake on the weekends...He is a normal person and is actually able to sleep in, where as I am up before 6. YIKES. My treat to him for just being him is Sunday morning pancakes! 

We got some fresh beautiful Natureripe blueberries from Target that completed this recipe.
semi-homemade blueberry pancakes

Like the title of this blogpost says...these are semi homemade pancakes. All you need is pancake mix + what ever is needed for the pancakes batter + blueberries/any kind of fruit. I had half a banana left over from my breakfast (which I had eaten 4 hours prior ;)....), which I also threw in the batter.

semi-homemade blueberry pancakes

My favorite gluten free pancake mix is King Arther Gluten Free Pancake Mix. Blake likes Aunt Jemima, which sadly isn't gluten free or whole wheat...but damn good! I always make enough for 2 or three sittings because they are still really appealing reheated the next day. I kill two birds with one stone...major girlfriend points!
semi-homemade blueberry pancakes

There's nothin' like a pancake without some peanut butter.
semi-homemade blueberry pancakes

Look how gorgeous these berries are. They remind me of Summer...when I can get a carton for $1.00 at the farmer's market instead of $3.99.

semi-homemade blueberry pancakes

What is your favorite variety of pancake?

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