Raspberry Maple-Pecan Granola Featured

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Raspberry Maple-Pecan Granola

If you are anything like me then you love a nice bowl of pick-me-up granola in the morning. The only thing I don’t like is store bought granola that is waaaayyy too sweet and filled with all kinds of junk my body does not need. Especially first thing in the morning.

This Raspberry Granola is made with the finest whole food ingredients to help you start the day right!

Ready, set, let’s GO make homemade granola…

Raspberry Maple-Pecan Granola

Do you remember the Raspberry Applesauce I posted a few weeks ago? Well this granola is made with that!

It is not too sweet ~ but plenty sweet enough. It is also vegan and gluten free.

Raspberry Maple-Pecan Granola

It gets us going on our hikes with the kids…

Raspberry Maple-Pecan Granola

What enhances this homemade granola even more are my Maple Roasted Pecans (These pecans have altered my life in the most splendid way!)

Enough crunch and chew to suit everyone!

Raspberry Maple-Pecan Granola

Add a few dried dates, some raisins, freeze dried raspberries or any dried fruit you wish.

Don’t forget some fresh raspberries to top it all off.

Raspberry Maple-Pecan Granola

Also don’t forget to pick up pretty wildflowers from your hike…and give them to your mom.

Raspberry Maple-Pecan Granola

There have been so many amazing moments with our kids this summer ~ I want each day to last forever.

Lots of discoveries everywhere we turn…

Raspberry Maple-Pecan Granola

Do you ever make homemade granola? What ingredients do you like to add to yours?

Raspberry Maple-Pecan Granola

Raspberry Maple-Pecan Granola

Raspberry Maple-Pecan Granola



  • Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees F with the rack in the middle. Mix together the wet ingredients. Combine with the oats, make sure they are well coated. Spread the granola mixture on a prepared sheet pan in a single layer. Bake for about 50 minutes, toss with a long pair of tongs every 15 minutes. Granola will crisp up when cool. Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container.
  • Serve with greek yogurt, milk or enjoy by the handful!
  • Do not use quick cooking oats for this recipe.
  • Look for dried fruits with no refined sugar added.
  • When it comes to pure maple syrup I love the richer color and flavor of grade B. It has a dark amber color and is infused with more maple flavor due to the fact that it is produced later in the season than the grade A. For a great post on the A, B, C's of it all check out this post by Healthy, Happy, Life



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Raspberry Maple-Pecan Granola

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