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Lemon Pepper Popcorn

I am on my way home from a spectacular journey to Northern Minnesota. Ya know when you go on a life changing trip somewhere?

You find a place that touches you and you are not so sure why….but it just does. Deeply. A beautiful snow covered land, that is where I was. I made great new friends. People that I hope to see time and time again.

While there I feasted on GIANT handfuls of this Lemon Pepper Popcorn every given opportunity.

Lemon Pepper Popcorn

Nature calls to me. I used to be more of a city gal. These days I desire wide open spaces. The only squeeze I want to feel is that of trees. Not buildings.

I get the outdoors thing. Winter’s crispy cool – invigorates and excites my soul & spirit.

Lemon Pepper Popcorn

This is the Boreal Forest.

In the same way that you can’t get a bed angle on Telluride ~ this place fits the bill too. I would love to see it in all seasons.

Lemon Pepper Popcorn

Nothin like going on a winter hike & coming home to a warming drink, a crackling fire and this crunchy snack.

Lemon Pepper Popcorn

I loved it so much I left a trail of it all over the log cabin I stayed in.

Lemon Pepper Popcorn

“Where’s Marla?” Oh just follow the trail of popcorn….

Lemon Pepper Popcorn

All you need is 3 ingredients: Olive oil, popcorn and lemon pepper seasoning.

That’s it.

Drizzle. Pop. POP. Sprinkle. MUNCH.

Lemon Pepper Popcorn

This popcorn will last a few days  if you allow it to.

Store in a lightly covered bowl (just cover with a dry kitchen towel.)

Lemon Pepper Popcorn

Serve this at your Super Bowl parties or any time at all. Leave a bowl out for house guests.

What is your favorite popcorn recipe?

Lemon Pepper Popcorn


  • 1/4 cup Olive Oil
  • 1/3 cup Popcorn Kernals
  • Lemon Pepper Seasoning


  • Heat the oil and popcorn in a large, deep metal pot over high heat. Have the pot lid and a large bowl handy. The oil will sizzle and the popcorn will start to pop. Cover with the lid and agitate/slide the pan around vigorously. When about to overflow dump the popcorn into the bowl. Continue to do this until all of the popcorn is popped. While hot toss with lemon pepper seasoning to taste.



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