Healthier Mac n' Cheese Featured

Not sure if I'm more obsessed with these photos, or with the actual recipe! Check out my newest recipe on Anytime Health....Healthier Mac n' Cheese.
Healthier Mac n' Cheese

This is such a great meal to be made in bulk and something that the whole family will enjoy!

Healthier Mac n' Cheese

Healthier Mac n' Cheese

*To make gluten free, simply use gluten free noodles.

Short post, but so necessary.

One last is a sneak peak to a little project I have been working on called "Fit Foodie Pantry." I went through all of my food this weekend and am preparing a lovely post that beaks down what I have and what brands I use.

Healthier Mac n' Cheese

It's going to be a lengthy, but very informational post! Stay tuned :)

PS: I've gotten questions on Part 2 of my Eating Disorder Story and I wanted to let you know that it is coming. This is the hardest and most emotional part of the story for me to communicate...but I promise I will have it for you sometime soon.

Happy Tuesday!

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