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grocery delivery right to your door

( Summer is a time of bountiful produce, both at stores and at our local farmers’ markets. But if your schedule is such that you find it difficult to get out and shop regularly, you might be missing out on all the tasty and nutritious treats that summer has to offer. Even worse, once we move into fall and winter, if you don’t make an effort to shop for fruits and veggies, you might find you’re not getting your necessary servings. After all, once the rain hits in Vancouver, it’s awfully tempting to just eat what’s already in your cupboards rather than venture out to shop for fresh food.

Fortunately, there are several ways to get produce and other groceries delivered right to your door, including local and organic options. Here are your choices if you want to ensure you get your fruits and veggies by having them delivered to your home.

Produce Delivery Services in Vancouver

  • SPUD: SPUD has been around for 15 years, and is focused on providing organic items that are as local as possible. Once you create an account, you can make occasional orders, or you can sign up for weekly or biweekly delivery of a “Fresh Harvest Box” - a selection of seasonal produce based on a dollar amount you’ve selected. You can customize options for your harvest box, and make substitutions once the week’s contents are announced, or if you want to be totally hands-free in managing your produce delivery, you can just set the dollar amount and delivery schedule and take what you get, perhaps learning how to deal with some fruits and veggies you’d never used before along the way. I've used SPUD for years; delivering fresh produce in mid-week so it saves me a trip to the store.
  • Green Earth Organics: Green Earth also offers a weekly or biweekly automatic delivery option, called “bins.” Each week they post a list of the organic produce that will be in your bin that week, based on the bin size you have selected. You can make up to four substitutions, and you can set preferences that make substitutions automatically to make sure you don’t get items you don’t like. Green Earth’s items are organic, but they don’t focus on local as much as SPUD. They do provide local items when they can, and they tell you where all items come from so you can make your choices accordingly.
  • CSAs: “CSA” stands for “community-supported agriculture.” It involves providing an upfront payment to a farmer to support the farm’s activities throughout the growing season in exchange for a box of produce on a regular schedule. Most CSAs require you to pick up your box of goodies at a central pick-up point, but some in Vancouver offer home delivery, including Urban Digs Farm and Pitchfork Organic Farm.
  • Online-only grocery stores: Vancouver now has a few online-only grocery stores where you can do your shopping with a few clicks of your mouse and have your items delivered to your door. These stores are more like traditional grocery stores in that they offer a wide range of products, and there is not necessarily a focus on local or organic. They do not have recurring options, so you can shop for what you want when you need it. If this is an option that interests you, check out Super Delivery Guys or Sky Rise Foods (Sky Rise is closed for the summer, but will be open again in the fall).
  • Traditional grocery stores with an online shopping option: If you like your neighbourhood grocery store but don’t always want to venture out to do your shopping, you can take advantage of the online shopping and delivery options offered by some stores, including Stong’s Market and Thrifty Foods. Again, there is no recurring option, so just consider this a way to do your regular shopping without leaving the house!

With all of these options for getting produce (and other groceries) delivered to your door, there’s no excuse not to eat your fruits and veggies!

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