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The Perfect Pin

Guys we need to sit down and have a talk.

A little heart to heart about Pinterest.

Pinterest wants to work for you. It craves your beautiful photos, great graphics and perfect meta tagging…it won’t work it’s best though if your images are not The Perfect Pin.

The Perfect Pin

I have quite a bit of experience with Pinterest. {Spring Bouquet Popsiclesabove}

I spend a good part of the day gawking pinning and messing with it.

When I dash around I crave images that are clean and pin friendly.

The Perfect Pin

There are of course exceptions to the rule, images that have none of these perfect elements and still get pinned kazillions of times.

Let’s try to establish some great habits & do things right.

The Project LunchBox post above has been pinned 402K+ timesI guess it resonates with a few folks.

The Perfect Pin

The Perfect Pin SHOULD have at least 2 of the Following:

  • ESSENTIAL! Tempting Photography: Doesn’t matter whether it’s food, travel, fashion, animals or lifestyle. Your picture needs to be in focus, well composed and fun to look at.
  • Portrait Layouts are King. No doubt about it. Longer/taller images look much better on Pinterest than landscape images do. Think about this when you shoot. I happen to prefer portraits, so that is what you find here 99% of the time. Horizontal/landscape images do not stand out on busy pin boards. They show up way too small to appreciate. It might be a stunning image ~ but it won’t shine on Pinterest if horizontal.
  • Meta Tags: Making sure you do behind the scenes housecleaning will help us help you when we pin your photo. Label each photo with a title (Describe your image) you can also add a link to your blog or website and maybe a © sign. Your choice. The bottom line is ~ please don’t have us do the work for you. Tags that look like this: chocolatecakefamilyfreshcookingphoto1 are very annoying to work with. I end up putting a + sign to replace that text when I pin that image. I am sure you would rather have great information vs. a + sign.

Here is what the meta tag description window looks like in WordPress:

  • Cool Graphics: I add text, overlays and graphics with Photoshop & Illustrator. There is more software listed below in related links.
  • Logos and Watermarks: Want to make sure your perfect images don’t get lost in cyberspace? Then add a watermark. This is a faint image with your blog name or copyright info. This way if your image ends up in a Google graveyard people can still find you! We all want to be found when we work so dang hard at what we do.
The Perfect Pin

A few things I have noticed. {Spaghetti Squash Peanut Noodles Recipeabove}

People love the Ocean…


Can’t wait to see your perfect pins!

Stay in touch with me here & on Pinterest @MarlaMeridith

What do you consider The Perfect Pin?

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