Superfood Puff Balls Featured

Superfood Puff Balls
Want to know what I like about gift cards  It lets you buy that "thing," that you just don't want to spend your own money on for whatever reason. I helped a good friend out with some social media shenanigans and in return, he gave me a gift card to the Vitamin Shoppe. I've had my eye on Amazizing Grass Green Superfood Powder for a while, but didn't want to spend the $25.00 bucks. Can you say cheap?
Superfood Puff Balls

Well- I was actually afraid that I would spend the money and it was taste like...grass. Wrong. Get the chocolate version and it tastes like protein powder! I like this product because it is literally infused with vitamins and minerals. 

More specifically, "Chocolate Green SuperFood is our premium blend of superfoods with the great taste and benefits of cacao. Chocolate Green SuperFood supports body alkalinity, boosts energy and your immune system, and is gluten free."

Good stuff for your body, especially if you can't get in your daily servings of fruits/veggies. Throw this stuff in a smoothie and you are good to go! Or- you can add them to nut butter balls, like I did in this recipe.

Superfood Puff Balls

Superfood Puff Balls

Ingredients (yields 14-15 balls)

-1/4C almond butter or peanut butter

-1/4C brown rice syrup

-2 scoops of Chocolate Green SuperFood

-3/4C millet puffs 

-2/4C puffed brown rice


1. First, melt your almond butter (if need be).

2. Then, transfer into a medium sized bowl and add brown rice syrup and mix.

3. Add millet puffs, puffed brown rice, and powder and mix until it becomes one big almond chew.

4. Roll dough between your palms to form balls.

Superfood Puff Balls

Really easy to make! The powder gave it a delicious chocolaty flavor. Believe me, this stuff tastes far from grass. I can't stress that enough!
Superfood Puff Balls

Superfood Puff Balls
Superfood Puff Balls

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