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Blake and I met Sister Boy and a few other friends for dinner last night. Our original party of 3 accidentally turned into a party of 11. We ate at Granite City and Brewery, which I believe is a national chain? Anyways, I bring this up today on the blog because of a question I was asked last night multiple times...

"What have you been up to? (other than work)"

Well hmph. For some reason this question was extremely hard for me to answer. What do I do in my spare time?

Take pictures of food? That answer just sounds bizarre to most people...

I feel like I don't have spare time. It's not because I'm SOOOO busy, it's because I'm really good at keeping myself occupied. You'll never find me just watching TV or laying around. I guess you could say that the main thing I do in in spare time is mostly blog related stuff. Lots of baking, cleaning, photography, editing, writing, social mediaing.... It's a gorgeous cycle.

Other than blog stuff I do lots of other things...

1. I workout 6 days/week usually before work at 6AM
2. I volunteer once a week for a program called Cooking Matters
3. I Yoga
4. I spend a lot of time with Carly
5. Sometimes I crochet
6. I read other blogs...a lot
7. I brainstorm (no joke, I am always thinking of new, crazy ideas!)
8. I go to bed at 9
9. I Twitter a lot
10. I Pin a lot
11. I go to Target at least once a week
12. I enjoy eating at local restaurants
13. I go on walks

I don't know.

Does any of that count?

Now that I have an iphone I take tons of photos. So I will show you what I do in my spare time...(and yes that does include taking selfies). I tweet most of these....and each one has their own story.

spare time

We walked over to the St .Paul Farmer's Market during lunch. Look at these gorgeous green beans!

spare time

spare time

Quinoa with shrimp stir fry!

spare time

spare time

Going for a run! First time wearing a headband. Brrr.

spare time

spare time

Where the heck were these when i was a kid? JUST THE MINI MARSHMALLOWS! 

spare time
Carly made Paleo cookies!

spare time

On my way to work. Yes....I leave before the sun is up!

spare time

Blake and I went out for chinese and ended up with the same fortune. Whtatt?

spare time

Some balls!

spare time

Oh yah know...

spare time

Loving my fall boots!

spare time
Carly made Paleo Pumpkin Bars. SO GOOD!

spare time
Amanda and I go D'Brians for lunch! Chopped Salad. SO GOOD!

spare time

Not sure who I sent this to?

spare time

Greek Frozen Yogurt! MMMMmm.

spare time

My concoction.

spare time

Afternoon Snackie: Dove Dark Chocolate + PB 

spare time

Last night! a $3.98 beer platter for the Blakester.

So enlighten me...What do you do in your spare time?

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