Bakerella JOY! Featured

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Bakerella JOY!

Raise your hand if you know who the fabulously talented Bakerella is?!

OK, I know all of you are waving your hands in the air. I am so excited to share a GIANT holiday collection of her amazing products with you today.

You too can make your own cake pops…

Bakerella JOY!

With the Ultimate Cake Pops Set!

Bakerella JOY!

Back in July Bakerella hosted Christmas, so I figured I could host it now…

One lucky winner gets~

Signed copies of the fab Cake Pops cookbooks ~ Original + Holidays

Bakerella JOY!

A Cake Pops Kit…this has a great full color handbook and cake pop essentials.

Bakerella JOY!

Look at these darling Cake Pop themed note cards! Send them to your friends and family.

Bakerella JOY!

You might even get subtle notes telling you to get off of Pinterest & into the kitchen

…yes, I have a Cake Pops board over there too.

Bakerella JOY!

Did you know ~ not only can Angie work amazing magic with cake, candy & sticks…

She is also a fly fishing afinchinado (or at least she was for 30 minutes.)


Bakerella JOY!

Thank you Bakerella for making our world a happier + brighter place.

Your charm & passion for FUN makes us all so HAPPY!

Bakerella JOY!

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Here is where to find Cake Pops books and more:

Also available here:

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