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Wow wow and wow! The highlight of my weekend was waking up Saturday morning to a facebook post from Whole Foods, featuring my most recent post on "How to bake eggs in the oven." I am so humbled and so surprised.

I spent most of my weekend practicing the yoga sculpt series on Blake. Remember last year at this time? I began my journey to become Yoga Sculpt Certified. (Check out this postthis post, and this post to find out more about my certification journey. ) Well- I will be teaching sculpt at one of the Twin Cities Anytime Fitness locations. So excited to finally put my cert. to use! I just need to get my playlist down and I will be all set to go!

Speaking of playlists...anyone have any recommendations for high tempoed music that is good to workout to? I'm still in need of a few songs.

Other than a weekend full of sculpt. I also did some cookin'. Sweet potatoes have been a staple in my diet lately. They're cheap, delicious, and easily varied. Quite like the egg.

You can bake em, mash em, sautee em, grill em, fry em, eat em raw?

baked sweet potato fries

This is probably my favorite way to eat a sweet potato. Cut into thin pieces, skin on, sprinkled with sea salt and cinnamon, rolled in 1T olive oil, and baked at 400 for about 35 minutes. Mmmm. It made my whole house smell like cinnamon.
baked sweet potato fries

baked sweet potato fries

I used two huge sweet potatoes to make sure I'd have some leftovers. They are very tasty eaten cold.
baked sweet potato fries

Right out of the oven, we paired them with some steamed green beans and grilled pork chops. I do have to say that I am a terrible griller. I tried to surprise Blake with dinner Friday night and I burnt half of the chops. Arrr! Grilling is a serious skill. That I just don't have. YET!
baked sweet potato fries


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