4 Reason Why Should Swim Featured

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Healthy Lifestyles - Sport is an activity that can keep us healthy. Sports activities should also be adjusted to the condition of our health. Swimming is one sport that minimal risk, but very effective for burning calories.

This is the benefits of swimming as an option exercise activity.

1. Strengthen all the muscles.
Not all sports can train the entire body. By swimming, not just the back muscles and arms are getting stronger, but the whole body also trained without having to lift your body weight.

2. Low impact.
Swimming is a low impact type of exercise that is suitable for you who is recovering from injury. If running is your favorite sport, then swimming can be made an alternative to exercise tomorrow, so you can rest your knees.

3. Create longevity.

A study showed that this sport can be a way to extend the life. Group swimmers have an increased risk of death 50 percent lower than those whose lives are passive or never exercise.

4. Delight

Swimming is a sport that can burn calories without sweating much. Swimming or playing in swimming pool can also make us feel happy. This is why swimming is a fun sport.

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