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Artichokes are tasty, but preparing them can be daunting...

 Make sure the artichoke leaves are intact

When choosing your artichokes, look for tightly-packed leaves; splayed leaves are a sign your vegetables is less than fresh. A couple of brown spots, however, are fine.

Trim the top

Using a knife with a serrated edge, slice off the top half inch for a nice flat surface. 

Tip: Artichokes are very tough. If you don’t have a sharp knife, one with a serrated edge will do the trick.

Trim the remaining thorns with scissors

Hold the artichoke by the stalk and use kitchen scissors to snip the pointy tips from the remaining leaves.

Slice off the stem

The stem is edible (and delicious), but if you plan to serve artichokes upright on the plate, slice it off with your knife. 

Tip: Refrigerate unwashed artichokes in a plastic bag. A fresh artichoke will keep for up to a week. If the leaves begin to spread, cook it as soon as possible.

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