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KFC, ever the innovator in the field of deepfryology, has worked out a way to deep-fry soup. It’ll be on the menu in KFC locations in Japan starting Thursday.

According to RocketNews24, one of the current items that sits as a “common fixture in Japanese cafes” is a creamy soup corn potage. The result apparently includes KFC launching a deep-fried corn potage fritter, describing their process in a frighteningly nonchalant manner,“We bread the corn potage and cook it to a crisp.”

We can’t wait for the inevitable sandwich. Bacon and cheese between two slices of fried soup? Perfection, especially served with a nice fried Pinot Grigio. The only problem is that we’re not entirely sure which fried utensil to use — fried fork or fried spoon? (That’s a joke. You eat KFC with your hands, obviously. Don’t forget the fried napkin.)

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