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Healthy Lifestyles - As you age pregnancy, nutritional needs of pregnant women will increase, especially after entering the second trimester pregnancy. Nutrients required are:

- Carbohydrate and fat as a source of energy to produce substances that can be derived calories from cereals and tubers.

- Protein as a source of a builder can be obtained from meat, fish, eggs and nuts.

- Mineral as regulating substances can be obtained from fruits and vegetables.

- Vitamin B complex is useful for keeping the nervous system, muscles and heart to function normally. Can be found in cereals, grains, nuts, green vegetables, yeast, eggs and dairy products.

- Vitamin D useful for infant growth and bone formation. Source is present in fish liver oils, egg yolks and milk.

- Vitamin E is useful for the formation of healthy red blood cells. Eat whole grains, especially wheat, pulses, vegetable oil and green vegetables.

- Folic acid is useful development of the nervous system and blood cells, found in many dark green vegetables such as spinach, cauliflower and broccoli. In the fruits of folic acid found in oranges, bananas, carrots and tomatoes.

- Iron is required pregnant women to avoid anemia, there is lots of green vegetables, meat and liver.

- Calcium is needed for bone growth in fetal teeth, and to protect pregnant women from osteoporosis. If the calcium needs of pregnant women are not fulfilled, then the deficiency of bone calcium is taken from the mother. Other sources of calcium are green leafy vegetables and beans. Currently the best calcium derived from milk and other dairy products. Milk also contains many vitamins such as vitamin A, D, B2, B3, and vitamin C.

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