10 Healthy Desserts For Your Thanksgiving Feast

Authors: fitsugar Posted on November 18, 2012 3:24PM by Leta Shy ·It's hard to save calories during Thanksgiving, especially when your dining room table is full of goodies. Make your indulgences work for you with still-delicious healthy versions of highly caloric desserts. Read on for some of our favorite healthier...

Nutritionally dense vs. light foods: enjoying the extras!

Authors: tABLE health By now, I think you know that 200 calories of ice cream does not pack the same nutritional value as 200 calories of peanut butter.  But why is that?  We Registered Dietitians answer the question with calorie density.  Simply put, calorie density is the calories of a food in relation to the weight of a food.  However, calorie de ...
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