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March 24, 2013

Shopsins' Poached Egg-Filled, Double-Decker French Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich, You're the Best

I was hoping to finish writing a big roundup of my favorite bites from 2012 before leaving on my trip to Istanbul today. Haha. HAHA. HAHAHA nope, that's definitely not happening.

But before I go to bed and get five hours of sleep, I can write about this one thing I ate yesterday. Look at this sandwich:

So Good

And again:

So Good

And how about again, because I turned the plate around:

So Good

And this! [points wildly]

So Good

This fantastic breakfast glory pile of bread, cheese, and eggs is the So Good ($16) from Shopsins. They called it the So Good because duh. The beast of a menu describes it as "3D french toast grilled cheese, poached eggs." More specifically, it's a double-decker grilled cheese sandwich made with three slices of French toast thickly layered with loads of oozing cheese. The center of the sandwich gets cored to make room for two perfectly poached eggs, resulting in the bonus prize of a biscuit-sized, crust-less baby grilled cheese sandwich on the side.

Maple syrup
It comes with a small bottle of maple syrup. Perfect.

Do you want salty? Do you want sweet? Do you want cheesy? Do you want bready? Do you want cholesterol? DO YOU WANT TO HAVE IT ALL? YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!!! BECAUSE FREEDOM AND AMERICA AND STUFF!!!

Lil' grilled cheese innards
Cross section of the baby grilled cheese sandwich.

I don't know the last time I felt so much food joy. A quiet joy. A quiet, food coma-laced joy.

120 Essex Street, New York, NY 10002 (map)‎

Posted by roboppy at 4:17 AM

Tags:essex street market, lower east side, sandwiches, shopsins

Oh man I have to get myself over to Shopsins asap to try this, maybe this afternoon! What a glorious sandwich. Have a great trip to Istanbul, I predict you'll be eating lots of tasty food!

Omg...I'm a gonna make this one at home...drool.

Holy moly, beast of a menu is right. How many of the sandwiches and gazillion other things have you tried, and how did you ever decide on the So Good out of EVERRRYTHINNG??!

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