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I did make it to the Cosmo but not as a fashionista, but doing what I do best …

Chocolate Bark 2

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be a part of the March issue of Cosmopolitan India. I was given the special task to come up with a chocolate recipe that could be prepared in 15 minutes. Almost immediately I was thinking Chocolate Bark.  I remember seeing so many wonderful chcolate barks around christmas time, but never really got around to making any. I knew this was the perfect moment for it . 

Chocolate Bark

Dark Chocolate, is one ingredient that you will always find in my kitchen. I did make a trip to my favourite store however to pick up the other jewels to stud my bark. Mixing lightly salted nuts with the sweet dried fruit and chocolate is a brilliant thing to do, as your tastebuds will tingle with the different sensations at every bite. My favourite in this is got to be the honey roasted almonds hands down .

Chocolate Bark 1

There was a little interview that the lovely Priyam from Cosmo India did with me. The whole things was not published so I thought of sharing it here.

            Cosmo : Why did you choose to blog about food?

Me : Soon after I got married, I got into cooking with gusto and I started making food that looked good and tasted great. Blogging began honestly to document what I was doing, so I could see my work and have a recipe saved for whenever I needed to make it again.

Me : Blogging about food is a hobby and not a job. I started blogging while I was living in Africa, where I was handling the logistics for my husbands company. Blogging used to happen post work. 

Me : Comforting home style cooking

Me : Chicken Powder 

Me : Always plan before, it saves a lot of time if you are organised. For me thinking what to make takes up more time than actually doing the job. Always keep your kitchen well stocked, you wont believe how easy it is to dish up a lovely meal when you have everything you need lying around.  

Me : Lebanese. A – cuz I make it really well lol but B – honestly cuz its a wonderful balance of fresh and cooked, meat and veggies, carbs and protein. It’s a beautiful sight when the table is laid out and makes you just want to dive in. Works great in parties and even for everyday meals

             Cosmo : Which is your favourite eatery in your city?

Me : Fast food : Ram & Shyam Chat Walla , Restaurant : Peshawari, DimSums at China1& Indigo Cafe 

Me : About 4- 5 hours the day I belt out a post, including cooking, photographing, writing.

Me : The person I’d really want to talk to about food and get a few tips from would be Imitaz Qureshi for his Kakori kebabs & Dum Pukht preparations 

Me : Some of the food blogs I follow are White on Rice Couple, Matt Bites, Rasa Malaysia, Rosa Maryland, Whats for Lunch Honey

Chocolate Bark 3

Recipe for Chocolate Bark

This posh looking & tasting dessert, is unbelievable easy to put together. Makes a great after dinner dessert paired with some good dessert wine or a dollop of ice cream or good to eat just as it is.

400 gms – Good quality dark chocolate – I used 4 (100gm) bars of Lindt 70 % Dark

100 gms – Cashew nuts

100 gms – Lightly salted pistachios

100 gms – Honey roasted almonds ( they are sweet and salted )

100 gms – Dried apricots – sliced

50 gms- Pecan nuts

50 gms – Macadamia nuts

50 gms – Cranberries

100 gms – White chocolate chips

Line a 10 X 8 inch rectangular tin with parchment paper. Leave a little extra hanging over so its easy to pull the bark out.

Chop the chocolate into little pieces and put in a microwave safe bowl. Heat for 2 – 3 mins stopping at every 30 seconds to stir them.

Once completely melted, pour out in the prepared tin, and very quickly and evenly spread out the nuts and dried fruit on it. Press them a little to make sure they get into the chocolate.

Freeze for about 10-15 mins till set. Remove gently and place on chopping board and cut into desired sized slices/pieces. Store them at room temperature or if you like in the fridge in an air tight container.

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