LOOK! Learn How To Decorate Cookie Recipes for Christmas

Cookie Decorating Tutorial 2 RecipeThere's still time to decorate freshly baked cookie recipes for Christmas! If you don't know how or need to learn some extra tips, check out our extensive cookie recipes with decorating tutorials!

Decorating cookies doesn’t have to be a complicated task. They can instantly turn from plain to decorated, but it does take practice and patience. When each and every cute cookie is decorated and dry, wrap them. Fit a plastic bag or a sheet of plastic wrap over each one and tie it shut with a colorful ribbon! Use several different colors, and get the kind you can curl so they cascade down from each cookie.
Christmas Cookie Cottage Recipe Tutorial
1. Pick a recipe that makes has little leavening and makes a flat cookie instead of a puffy one. They decorate much more easily and look better. Sarah's Creative Cut-out Sugar Cookies is a perfect recipe to use.

2. Next, cut out and bake your cookies. Let them cool thoroughly on a wire cake rack before mixing the colors and frosting.

3. When cookies have cooled, mix the cookie icing. Our Royal Icing Recipe works beautifully. Don't mix too much in advance because the icing will crust or dry out. (Crusting is a thin layer of icing that hardens on top. It can be difficult to remove. If you stir even a small amount into the icing, you ruin it.)
Snow Globe Cookie Ornaments Recipe
4. First separate the icing into small bowls before coloring. You may need larger or smaller amounts depending on the color being used. After tinting, cover immediately with a damp paper towel as they can dry quickly. Leave some white in case you need to correct a color. (How to tint icing).

5. For piping decorations, you can use small parchment cones for each color, fitted with a decorating tip or use a squeeze bottle with the tip cut-off. Use piping bags for larger amounts.

6. Fill the piping bag or parchment cone about half full. Set each one in a tall drinking glass for each of the colors you are using and keep within reach. First put a damp piece of paper towel in the bottom of each and then put your piping bag or parchment cone in the glasses with the tips resting on the paper towel to keep them from drying out and clogging the opening! If you are using buttercream, you really don't need to do this, Decorated Cookie Mittensbut I do anyway.

7. You are now ready to decorate. Learn how with our extensive cookie recipes with decorating tutorials!

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