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Perfect and Classic Panettone RecipeOriginally from Milan, Panettone, this sweet bread dessert is typically enjoyed in Italy throughout the holiday season, specifically around Christmas and New Years. Each year, Italian bakers produce over 115 million Pannetone cakes for Christmas!

These breads are typically filled with glaceed citron and raisins, however, we've replaced those with golden raisins and dried cranberries in our own Perfect and Classic Panettone Recipe. Not only is this bread delicious toasted with butter, but you can also use Panettone slices to make some amazing homemade French toast!

Some people consider this bread the "bread of luxury", and we would have to agree!

For delicious gifts, you can bake mini-Panettone loaves and decorate them after cooling:
Decorated Mini-Panettone
Optionally, trim the top of the bread so it is flat; Then cover on top with safe Royal Icing, and mold it with an offset icing spatula to look like snow, and; Place dried handmade and edible figures, sculpted from Rolled or Marshmallow Fondant (MMF), into the icing before it sets. 

Decorated Mini-Panettone
I love this Snowman family!
Place a large dab of royal icing on the bottom of each one. Then press to adhere to the top of the Royal Icing covered mini-Panettone, before it fully sets.

Decorated Mini-Panettone
Take a look at this decorated mini-Panettone. Isn't it perfect for the Holidays?!

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