Pre-Ordering for 'Gimme Pancakes' T-Shirts and 'Round Things' Totes Coming Soon, With Discount (Maybe) Featured

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November 20, 2012

Pre-Ordering for 'Gimme Pancakes' T-Shirts and 'Round Things' Totes Coming Soon, With Discount (Maybe)

Head to for more info.

My doodles are leaping off the Internet and onto your baby! Or your torso! Or your bag of whatever you put in bags!

Yes! It's called clothes and tote bags, everyone's first foray into the world of "printing your stuff on stuff that isn't paper." Thanks to Christine, my former Serious Eats coworker and current awesome friend (people love Christine so much that they cry when she's not around—truth) and newly christened owner of online shop-of-awesome-Japanese-ish-things Maigo, she's getting Gimme Pancake T-shirts and onesies (if you don't know what that bunny is, head here) and Round Things tote bags printed for the holidays!

20121120-gimme-pancakes-design.jpgsilly group shot

Christine will start taking pre-orders on Thursday, November 22, until midnight on Saturday, November 24, but she's running a promotion until midnight (PST) on Wednesday to give you a discount during the pre-order period (orders afterwards will be regular prices): The more "Likes" she gets on Facebook, the more she'll discount the prices. Goes a little something like this:

  • 100 Likes = 10% off
  • 150 Likes = 20% off
  • 250 Likes = 20% off + Free shipping on all orders (including non-Roboppy products) over $50 for domestic US orders

Here's Christine's handy price chart:

ProductPrice10% off20% off
T-Shirt $24.00 $21.60 $19.20
Girly T-Shirt $24.00 $21.60 $19.20
Toddler T-Shirt $18.00 $16.20 $14.40
Baby Onesie $18.00 $16.20 $14.40
Tote Bag $15.00 $13.50 $12.00

I'm pretty sure we can at least hit 100 likes. (I mean, if you actually like her site. I'd say you should, but I don't want your "like" to be full of liiieees if you're not into cute Japanese fabric and washi tape and such things. It's ok. [pat pat]) I don't think I have as much influence as Christine thinks I have, but we're not too far from 100 now, so...yeah. CAN YOU DO US A SOLID, INTERNET READERS?

UPDATE 11/21/12: Here's the latest version of Round Things, updated from the tote bag mock-up. The bag is on the light yellow side, so we're taking that color out and adding white.

I must admit that I kind of cheated with these first two designs. The Poofy Pancakes design is the exact same one I used back in 2006, and the Round Things design is a very cleaned-up version of a crappy drawing I also made in 2006. But without Christine's help, I would've never gotten this stuff off the ground, no matter how many times people asked me, "Hey can you make more pancake shirts?" to which I'd respond, "YeaahhuuhhhumIdunnoooo ohwhomIkiddingprobablynot manI'vegottastopbeingsolazybluh." (Man, I'm a jerk.)

So, thank you, Christine, for doing the dirty work!

We don't have any other products in mind at the moment, but we'll do more if this goes well. And I hope it does, because I want Christine to eat food and not go broke.

Thank you to everyone who helps us out (and has been helping us out on Twitter and Facebook)!

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