Persimmon, Fig Orange Cheesecakes Featured

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Persimmon, Fig & Orange Cheesecakes

Persimmon, Fig Orange Cheesecakes

 Festive times call for celebration, spending time your loved ones and sharing. Come Diwali and all of us get busy thinking what gifts to give. Usually it is mithai’s  ( Indian traditional sweets ) and Dia’s ( Traditional candles) and a whole lot of us like make something special for our dear ones. Nothing beats personalised gift and homemade sweets are appreciated so much more. Modern day desserts have also found their way in Diwali gifting and are infact devoured happily as they are a pleasant change from the regular. I quite like the idea of making cheesecakes in jars. They look quite decadent, are easily portable, and if you’ve had enough, you just put the lid back on, and go for it at another time. Its quite hard to resist and making them with fresh seasonal fruits is guaranteed to please.

Persimmon, Fig Orange Cheesecakes

Persimmons are incredibly sweet when ripe. This fruit which looks like a tomato is very high in glucose, and has a unique texture. When eaten extremely ripe it is like a pudding, or eaten a little before it goes mushy, it can be sliced and is crunchy. They look quite large but they classify as berries. This fruit is not available in Mumbai always, and I had first chanced tasting them as a kid, in my travels to the Himalayas. Thats why I saw them at the fruit vendor I knew I had to get these. Knowing its sweet flavour, combining it in a cheesecake was the first thing that came to me. Sweet mixed with tangy never fails and so I made a basic orange cheesecake and then mixed in the fruit. Fresh Figs are one of my most favourite fruits and gave just hit the market here. So I was one happy girl when I went to my fruit vendor. Fresh fruits to make lovely desserts.

Persimmon, Fig Orange Cheesecakes

Ingredients for Basic Cheesecake

8 digestive biscuits

200 ml whipping cream

1 pack ( 250 gms) Philadelphia Cream Cheese

100 gms caster sugar

1 1/2 tbsp powdered gelatine ( melted in 3 -4 tablespoons of hot water)

zest of one large orange

4 jars or container of your choice

Sterilise the containers and dry. Blitz the biscuits till coarsely  ground. Divide them equally between the jars and press down till firmly packed and set aside. For the cheesecake, whip up the cream till soft peaks form add the sugar and mix well. Now beat the softened cream cheese and mix it with the cream. Add the orange zest and gelatine and whip it all together till well combined. Divide the mixture in two halves, so we can mix in the fruits to flavour the cheesecakes.

Persimmon + Orange Cheesecake

2 ripe persimmons – 1 pureed and 1 for garnish

mix two tablespoons of the pureed persimmon in one half of the cheesecake mix and pour equally in two jars. Set them in the fridge for about an hour. Remove and pour some more of the puree and top with slices of the fruit.

Fig + Orange Cheesecake

3 figs

1 orange – cleaned and sliced

Chop finely 2 figs and mix in the cheesecake. Pour equally in the jars and leave in fridge to set. After an hour remove and make a layer of loosened orange segments. Garnish with fig and orange slices.

Here’s wishing all my lovely readers a Joyous Diwali and a Beautiful Year ahead 

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