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Who cares what it's called? It seems closer to Fagioli than say "chicken vegetable soup" would be. Why do people feel they have to be so critical? Yes, I mean you DonG, the 45 year veteran Italian chef, these recipes are for busy families whose ability to have a nourishing hot meal in the evening that does not take half a day to make is the is point and essential! How long does your Fagioli recipe take to prepare? Most working people don't have that kind of time and these recipes are geared for THEM. I would rather spend more time with my family at the table talking about our day than I would cooking a weeknight meal. So I'll say what one other reviewer so succinctly stated.......why are you even here? We're you expecting gourmet authentic Italian or just wanting a place to make snide comments. I personally love this site, use lots of the recipes and even if I didn't like something I wouldn't be smarmy or rude about it. As for BPatti and "doodles", this goes for you as we'll.


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