5 Creative Pumpkin Seed Recipes Featured

5 Creative Pumpkin Seed Recipes

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    5 Creative Pumpkin Seed Recipes

Now that the family has painstakingly carved their Halloween jack o’lanterns, all that remains is a big bowl of pumpkin innards. A shake of spices and a short bake in the oven makes the seeds more addictive -- and much healthier! -- than a can of Pringles, but the crunchy kernels can also be more than just a snack.

Here are a few ideas for whittling down your stash of pumpkin seeds. (Note that some recipes call for hulled seeds, also known as pepitas. Though the seed’s white outer husk is completely edible, it can be peeled away before eating; just boil to soften the shells first.) 

Going low-carb? Instead of croutons, sprinkle roasted pumpkin seeds over a salad. Bonus: add roasted pears or squash bites for a seasonal whole-meal dish.

This recipe for whole grain apple and pumpkin seed muffins perfectly captures the flavor of fall. Or add roasted seeds to your favorite blueberry muffin recipe for an unexpected crunch.

Peanut brittle is so last year. Pep things up by folding roasted pumpkin seeds into buttery toffee, then slathering it with melted chocolate.

Pumpkin seeds pair well with maple, cranberries and other traditional granola ingredients, making them a natural addition to your favorite homemade granola recipe.

Seed Butter
Like its nutty cousins, pumpkin seed butter is tops on toast or as a peanut butter substitute in a sandwich. And with a food processor and a heaping cup of hulled seeds, you can whip up a batch in five minutes.

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