Chipichape Bakery

Authors: EatingInTranslation "Chitterlings," a name most associated with the American South, nowadays denotes boiled or stewed small intestine from a pig. Often there's a funky aroma, no matter how well the chitlins are washed. "Chunchullo" may well have a common etymology, but these were funk-free, with a delicate flavor. One reason might be that ...

Rudy's Bakery Cafe

Authors: EatingInTranslation Though pfeffernüsse (Feh-fer-noose, $15.99 per pound) translates as "pepper nuts," in Germany and in neighboring Denmark and the Netherlands, these small, firm cookies often contain neither pepper nor nuts. (That's the case here, too.) Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, and anise are common ingredients that contribute ...
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