Tito Rad's

Authors: EatingInTranslation   Tortang talong, like other Filipino tortas, is often branded an omelet but is actually a weighty eggplant frittata — a generous lunch for one when you figure in the customary plate of white rice. As in a similar dish at the exemplary Mama Meena's (it appears about halfway through that restaurant's slideshow), the stem ...

Taste Good

Authors: EatingInTranslation     At one time Taste Good's kari laksa (now $7.25), with rice noodles, bean sprouts, tofu skins, chicken, shrimp, and half an out-of-place hardboiled egg, rivaled the laksas I've slurped down in Singapore and Penang; the coconut-chili gravy was particularly lip-smacking. The bowlful shown here, however, is a laksa of years ...

How to Cook Whole Fish

Authors: foodandwine.com{Food & Wine} Articles Ask Dave Pasternack about the pros and cons of cooking whole fish, and his answer is all pro without a trace of con. "First, you get to see the fish you're buying, so you can guarantee its quality," explains the fisherman-chef of New York City's Esca. A no-nonsense Long Island native who's always happy ...

Best Heirloom Wheat Producers

Authors: foodandwine.com{Food & Wine} Articles Mariah-May Lucy holds a basket of emmer seed—a variety of heirloom wheat. © Brooke Lucy Bluebird Grain Farms; Winthrop, Washington"Ancient wheat varieties have this incredible history in other countries, but we couldn't find many farmers growing them in the US," says Brooke Lucy, who co-owns Bluebird...

Dodger Stadium Serves Frozen Beer Foam – Keeps Drink Cold For 30 Minutes

Authors: food beast Let me first escort the elephant out of the room in relation to ‘frozen beer’ and ‘frozen beer foam.’ For reasons unbeknownst to us, beer Slurpees do not exist in a widely available or commercial form. We wish it did, and we hoped this story would be our ornate, spiraled staircase to the heavens by showing us that the neglected ...
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