Maple Leaf Foods, Canned Hams, FSIS and the 47 Percent

Authors: Food and Water Watch By Tony Corbo About a year ago, the Obama Administration and the Harper Government in Canada announced an effort entitled the “Beyond the Borders Initiative,” that was designed to reduce regulatory requirements to encourage more trade between the U.S. and Canada. One of the areas that the two countries decided to pursue ...

Giving Thanks for a Growing Movement

Authors: Food and Water Watch November 21st, 2012 By Wenonah Hauter As I prepare to share thanksgiving with my family this year, I’ve been thinking about the many things I am truly thankful for. Our activists and supporters are top on my list. They believe, like I do, that we must fight for the kind of world we want and not just settle for the best t ...

Antibiotic Use in Livestock Feed: Trust But Verify?

Authors: Food and Water Watch November 21st, 2012 By Sarah Borron Take action today to ensure accountability and transparency in the use of antibiotics on farm animals. The misuse of antibiotics in livestock feed, known as “subtherapeutic use,” is an ongoing problem in U.S. agriculture and a threat to public health. The practice of feeding large gro ...

LNG Exports Reveal Industry’s True Motive: Profits

Authors: Food and Water Watch By Hugh MacMillan Click here to take action to stop the export of fracked gas. A new report by Food & Water Watch reveals the many flaws in the oil and gas industry’s claims about fracking and U.S. energy security. But nothing is more revealing about the industry’s deceptive energy security rhetoric than its push to e ...

Prop 37 Countdown: Fighting Money with New Media

Authors: Food and Water Watch Think you have the right to know what’s in your food? So do Danny DeVito, Bill Maher, Jillian Michaels and other celebrities who think GE food should be labeled By Eric Anderson The No on 37 campaign has been carpet-bombing the airwaves with misleading ads, hoping to pummel people with enough misinformation to defeat the ...
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