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What We’re ReadingRuth Fremson/The New York Times

Details: Can a cocktail fight off the flu? Hey, it was one thing to call your bartender a mixologist. Now you’re going to have to start calling him “doctor.” — Jeff Gordinier

New York: A bartender may have swung the 2012 presidential election. — Robert Simonson

NPR: Turns out both green tea and coffee can help cut the risk of stroke, says a study published in the American Heart Association journal Stroke, which studied the drinking habits of 82,369 men and women in Japan. — Maria Newman

The New York Times: A Bronx bakery turns on a dime, deftly retooling its Pope Benedict XVI cookies with the fresh new face of Francis. — Patrick Farrell

Poetry Foundation: For your St. Patrick’s Day weekend, here’s “Scrambled Eggs and Whiskey,” a spirited lyric by Hayden Carruth. — Jeff Gordinier

NPR: Do you live in a food desert? The United States Department of Agriculture has an online map showing where there are concentrations of grocery stores, and where fresh, healthful food is not readily accessible. — Maria Newman

Outside: Should we really eat the way our prehistoric brethren ate? There’s one place to find out: the Ancestral Health Symposium, otherwise known as the Paleo Ball. — Jeff Gordinier

Eater: Joshua David Stein becomes a restaurant critic for The New York Observer. As @Pete_Wells said, “welcome to the fray.” — Maria Newman

Time Out Chicago: What does it mean to serve “Brooklyn style” pizza in a city far from Brooklyn? — Jeff Gordinier

The Atlantic: Alcohol helps accelerate the brains of heavy drinkers, says a group of Yale University researchers. (Via The Village Voice) — Maria Newman

Hudson Valley Magazine: We haven’t even caught up with all the great new restaurants in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, and now more of them are evidently cropping up around New York state: in Nyack, in Beacon, even in Poughkeepsie. — Jeff Gordinier

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