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Let’s take a moment to contemplate some of Foodbeast’s favorite things, starting with Cheese. Butter. Bread. And, of course, poutine. Salivating yet? Now imagine what would happen if we combined all of the aforementioned foods together to create a poutine grilled cheese sandwich. Seems too delicious to be real, right? But it’s not.

For the unenlightened who have yet to discover the magic of poutine, don’t worry. We’re here to help you. Poutine is a Canadian specialty that’s basically French fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy. It’s magical and delicious and one of the best and most memorable things about Canada aside from maple syrup and bears, and it’s about to become one of the best and most memorable things about the grilled cheese sandwich.

The poutine grilled cheese is super simple. Nick over at DudeFoods just swapped out regular cheddar for French fries, kept the cheese curds, and had a dish of gravy on hand for dipping. Perfection in a sandwich.

Happy eating!

H/T to Dudefoods

Erika Grant is an Orange County native in a long-distance relationship with the Bay Area. She's enthusiastic about all things vegan/vegetarian, has cheese dreams on the regular that make it difficult to commit to the vegan lifestyle, and gets obscenely excited about avocados in anything.

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