Domino’s France Bakes Up ‘Sweet Chevre’ Goat Cheese Pizza with Bits of Pork Fat Featured

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Pretty sure that Domino’s France has won the contest for pizzas-that-sound-like-flatbreads with their goat cheese and honey pizza. The limited-edition Sweet Chevre Pizza (“chevre” is French for “goat cheese”) features a light creme fraiche and mozzarella base, with goat cheese topping, smoked lardons, onions, and honey.

Apparently, the delicious-sounding goat cheese and honey combination is a Northern European tradition, but we’re curious to see how the American pizza staples of gooey mozzarella and thick crust will pair with France’s chevre. The new pizza is being introduced across France and only costs $6.99 Euros (~$9.32), so French Foodbeasters should take the plunge and weigh in on this cross cultural combination!

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Erika Grant is an Orange County native in a long-distance relationship with the Bay Area. She's enthusiastic about all things vegan/vegetarian, has cheese dreams on the regular that make it difficult to commit to the vegan lifestyle, and gets obscenely excited about avocados in anything.

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