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Scrambled Eggs Chiliquiles With Roasted Tomatillo Sauce When I was in my twenties, going out to brunch was one of my favorite weekend activities. I loved every part of the ritual, including waiting for a table, choosing between sweet or savory and dividing up the check with a happily full belly.

Though eating brunch on a Saturday or Sunday morning is still a beloved pastime, I’ve found that my preferred venue has changed. These days, I’m all about brunch at home. It’s cheaper, the temptations are fewer and it can be prepared and eaten while one is wearing pajamas.

Because I can far too easily default to the same three brunch dishes (scrambled eggs with turkey bacon, whole-grain pancakes or leftover stuffed omelets), I do try to seek out brunch recipes that are outside my norm. Some weeks (and much to my husband’s delight), I bake a coffeecake. Others I bake up a frittata in my trusty cast-iron skillet (though some claim that I am too heavy-handed with the kale).

Lately I’ve been on a Tex-Mex brunch kick. I’ve made huevos rancheros, breakfast burritos and sausage and egg tostadas. On the hunt for more meals that would satisfy this theme, I gave Bobby Flay’s recipe for Scrambled Eggs Chiliquiles With Roasted Tomatillo Sauce a try.

Roasted Tomatillo Sauce They were a little different from the chiliquiles I’ve tried in the past (those had the tortillas broken up into the eggs, almost like Matzo Brei), but definitely delicious. I particularly loved the roasted tomatillo salsa and have taken to eating the leftovers drizzled over anything that will hold still. Make this for your next Weekender.

Before you start cooking, read these tips:

— If you want to break up the work of this recipe, make the salsa a day or two before and reheat it before drizzling over the eggs.

— Bobby has you prep the tortillas by frying them. If you can’t bear the idea of heating up 2 cups of oil, simply toast them. You won’t get the shatter that comes with a fried tortilla, but it’s easier and lighter, too.

— If you’re having guests over for brunch, you could put out a “make your own” chiliquiles bar. A stack of toasted tortillas, a pan of freshly scrambled eggs and a bunch of toppings would make for a fun Saturday morning brunch party.

Marisa McClellan is a food writer and canning teacher who lives in Center City Philadelphia. Find more of her food (all cooked up in her 80-square-foot kitchen) at her blog, Food in Jars. Her first cookbook, Food in Jars: Preserving in Small Batches Year-Round, is now available.

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