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"Manuelita" is the name (Does any EIT reader know its origin?) of this rolled, toothpicked half-pancake filled with sugar, cinnamon, and cheese ($1.50). The cheese seemed sweet, too, as do many Nicaraguan dishes that are ostensibly savory. Raisins are a common ingredient in this Central American cuisine; one stewlike dish on the steam table was strewn with them.

The decor is whimsical to the point of gaudiness, a sensibility that extends even to the menu. In explanation of one dish, a hearty chopped salad called salpicon, the menu reads simply "salmagundi."

1643 S.W. 1st St. (S.W. 16th-S.W. 17th Aves.), Miami
(From visits in autumn 2012, and earlier)

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