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White Chocolate Baby Heads Are Not For the Faint of Heart

Babies are cute. So cute, sometimes you just want to eat them all up, right? Not exactly. Annabel De Vetten of Conjurer’s Kitchen, has formed realistic baby heads made of white chocolate — whispy hair, glossy eyes, cute little chins and all. As she points out “there is something SO disturbing about these heads but I can’t put my finger on it.” I think it might be that they’re the exact size of an infant’s head, wrinkly and are freakishly realistic.

De Vetten is an astonishingly skilled confection artist and has repeatedly featured on Eat Your Heart Out. Some of her more notable creations have been severed hands, brains, and edible body bags. When she was asked to create something for a UK TV show that had a shock factor, she decided to make these baby heads. It’s caused quite the frenzy since although people love white chocolate, as it turns out, they don’t when it’s in the shape of an anatomically accurate baby head. But as De Vetten will tell you, it’s just chocolate!

I have a difficult time recommending purchasing her “delicacies,” because I have yet to imagine an appropriate occasion for a platter of white chocolate baby heads, but in case you happen to think of one, she plans on putting them on sale soon, so stay tuned.

via Eat Your Heart Out

As a child, Dominique Boubion would sometimes sleep until noon and pout that she missed breakfast. She shamelessly asked permission to eat breakfast followed by lunch back to back. In those days her favorite food was a cheeseburger, a craving she regularly suppresses while exploring the foodie world of a raw and vegan diet. But while still eating cheeseburgers.

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