This Woman Got A Nose Ring Burrito Surprise at McDonald’s Featured

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This Woman Got A Nose Ring Burrito Surprise at McDonald’s

Finding something like extra bacon in your food can be awesome. Finding someone’s nose ring in your food is very not awesome.

That seemed to be the case at a Georgia McDonald’s as a woman claimed to have found a nose ring inside her daughter’s breakfast burrito.

Reports say that Frances Rosario noticed something shiny inside the burrito just as she was going to feed her 4-year-old daughter.

Rosario said that she later called the McDonald’s and their response was that “It happens.” And when she asked for a district manager’s number, they responded with, “It’s none of your business.”

Calls to McDonald’s corporate headquarters were made by both Rosario and CBS News, and the issue seems to remain unresolved.

A silver lining in this story could be that now you know for sure that those burritos aren’t pre-packaged. If you ever thought they just stuck their food in a microwave, you’d be wrong. It is apparently made there, by nose ring-wearing, attitude giving employees.

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Frances Rosario, Atlanta Mom, Finds Nose Ring In Child's McDonalds Breakfast Burrito
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