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As soon as they start playing “I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas” dreamily in little cafes and big department stores all over America, you know it’s THAT time of the year again. And THAT time means that retailers go crazy — with holiday-themed this, and snowflake-shaped that. You can’t even get a decent pair of underwear without “HO! HO! HO!” written on the back (which, by the way, no one appreciates.)

But you know what everyone appreciates?

Ice cream sandwiches.

Even those with gluten-free, dairy-free diets can appreciate a decent ice cream sandwich (whether the creamy confection be made from soy milk, coconut milk, or even hemp milk, it’s all good). And just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that ice cream sandwiches are somehow irrelevant. No — ice cream sandwiches, just like bacon, are always relevant.

So lo and behold — the holiday ice cream sandwich mold set, brought to us by Neatoshop. A dazzling array of three colorful molds to make festive ice cream sandwiches shaped like snowpeople, snowflakes, or gingerbread people.

You say it’s too cold to have ice cream sandwiches? No such thing. But if you’re really concerned about it, remember that your kitchen will be nice and toasty after you heat up that oven (put it on full blast) to bake a full sheet of cookies — recipes included — for them sammiches. Blizzards and nor’easters, you got nothing on this sweet, easy-to-make dessert.

Yeah, we’re dreaming of a white Christmas. Except our white Christmas tastes like cookies and cream, mint chip, vanilla, rocky road and all the other flavors of ice cream possible. And happen to be in awesome winter-themed shapes.

[$12.95 @ NeatoShop]

At the ripe age of three, Jennifer Lai sampled dishes as diverse as foie gras, jellyfish, and chicken feet. She was born Canadian, hails from Los Angeles, and lived in Berkeley and Chicago before moving to New York, where she now resides and writes. She spends at least one night a week compulsively roasting vegetables and re-watching episodes of Good Eats -- sometimes at the same time.

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