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Chef Todd Leonard

Chef Todd Leonard, Shelf Reliance Chief Executive Chef

Hello fellow THRIVERS! What’s going on? This blog post will be the first of many you’ll see from me—I’ll be giving you tips, tricks, updates on what’s happening in the THRIVE Kitchen, and of course brilliant advice on cooking with THRIVE in my monthly blog post, so stay tuned for more great stuff!

Wow, what a great summer—we’ve been busy cooking up THRIVE!  With the launch of THRIVE Express and preparation for all the upcoming Super Saturdays and convention in March, we have certainly been busy little bees here at Shelf Reliance, so it’s nice to sit down for a minute to write you all. I am enjoying the THRIVE Live cooking show every month, and hope you will join in the fun by watching this 30 minute show on the second Wednesday of every month. Here’s a teaser of what’s coming up in October: we will be focusing on vegetables and vegetarian-style cooking—it will be tasty and tons of fun! THRIVE Live is a great tool for all of us in promoting, understanding, and learning how to cook all our awesome THRIVE products. Let me add that I love getting the change to meet all of you when you come into the store, attend THRIVE Live, or just stop by to say hi.

What a wonderful business we are in! I am so thankful to be a part of the THRIVE team and have the responsibility to cook and create with our amazing THRIVE products. I have been working here for almost a year and have truly fallen in love with our company, all of you, and of course the FOOD! It is my goal to help get you sound recipes, create and develop new products, fix old problems, and improve current systems. All of this is a great undertaking, and I want to thank my assistant and culinary specialist, Stephanie Negrete. Things would not move along at the speed they do without her, and I can tell you the whole Shelf Reliance team has become addicted to her cookies!

To all of you who are out there working, cooking, and making it happen with THRIVE, my hat goes off to you! Thank you for all you do, and thank you for sharing what we have all come to love so much! THRIVE has changed my life in every way; I have loved working here and rubbing shoulders with all of you! Be sure to use 50% THRIVE in all you’re cooking—the results will be amazing! Have a great month and keep on THRIVING.


Chef Todd Leonard, CEC

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