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Shelf Reliance Blog: Weighing In On Instant Brown Rice

We’re excited about our new THRIVE Instant Brown Rice, which we launched at the Super Saturday event in Calgary, Canada, at the end of last month! We wanted to hear what everyone thinks about it, so we asked the members of our Advisory Board to cook with it and tell us about the experience. Here are some of the responses we got!


Sariah Schmickrath shared this with us from her blog, Team Shelf Reliance:

New THRIVE products are always exciting because it expands my repertoire of the delicious dishes I can create from my Home Store. The beauty of the new Instant Brown Rice is that I have a healthy whole grain to serve for dinner in minutes–eight minutes to be precise. Who doesn’t love that? Some nights are so hectic that I don’t think about preparing brown rice an hour before dinner needs to be served. THRIVE Instant Brown Rice to the rescue! When I was a kid, dinner’s leftover brown rice also became breakfast. Heated with warm milk and spiced up with cinnamon and sugar, I loved it!

Sometimes I will ask a host to send me a recipe she normally prepares for her family and I Thrive-ize it for the party. On Saturday I had a party, and I wanted to showcase the new Instant Brown Rice. My host told me she likes to make casserole with a layer of rice, a can of cream of chicken or mushroom soup, broccoli, and cheese on top. From that I came up with this Broccoli Cheese Brown Rice Casserole (BCBR) recipe. My family thinks it’s good, and I got good review at my SR party last Saturday!

IMG 0417 Weighing In On Instant Brown Rice

It’s a pantry-stable meal!


Chad Mano told us why he likes our Instant Brown Rice:

I like eating brown rice, but it takes forever to cook, so I normally cook a bunch and refrigerate it for later. If I ran out, then I would just be out of luck for lunch or dinner. A few days after getting THRIVE brown rice, I was making lunch and realized I was out. Then I remembered I had the can I had received at Super Saturday in Calgary, and I cooked it up. It was great! Great taste, incredibly fast, and no more long-term planning required just to have some healthy brown rice! Oh, and I like that I don’t have to use the microwave to heat it up, since it’s freshly cooked!


Heather Lorimer shared this with us from her blog, Shelf Reliance Leaders:

My family is always trying to eat healthier, and one of the ways we are doing it is by eating whole grains. We have tried regular brown rice several times and have never loved it, mostly because it takes so darn long to cook. In my busy life, 45 minutes to cook rice is usually much too long. From start to finish, the Instant Brown Rice takes 10 minutes to cook. For my family, that is perfect.  It cooks up light and fluffy and has the rich nutty taste I love about brown rice—my kids gobbled it up!

The other problem/concern I have had with brown rice is that it goes rancid. I like to buy my staples in bulk, but when I purchase a large bag of brown rice I find that it goes rancid before we eat all of it (regular brown rice has a shelf life of 6 months).  I hate throwing away food, so the 7 year shelf life on the new Instant Brown Rice is another reason why it will definitely become a staple in my Home Store.

uncooked rice Weighing In On Instant Brown Rice

cooked rice Weighing In On Instant Brown Rice

I’m not really great at cooking rice, but when I made it I followed the directions exactly and my rice turned out perfect!


Amber Pearce shared her experience and a recipe that uses Brown Rice and our new Honey Crystals as well! This is excerpted from her blog, THRIVE Quick Dish:

Why was I excited about Instant Brown Rice? Brown rice is much healthier than white rice and yummier too!  I was always bummed that you can’t preserve brown rice because of its oil content, and it only lasts 6 months on the shelf.  I thought I had to resign myself to storing white rice even though my family doesn’t love it and I don’t love serving it to them. When I heard about THRIVE Instant Brown Rice, I did some research to find out if it was as healthy as eating regular brown rice and was pleasantly surprised to find that the nutritional difference between instant brown rice and regular brown rice is MINIMAL!

When I got my THRIVE Instant Brown Rice and Honey Crystals I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them first.  I always feel like a better mom when I send my kids off to school with a healthy breakfast, but it needs to be quick.  We eat lots of THRIVE Oatmeal, 9 Grain Cracked Cereal, and 10 Grain Pancake Mix, but my kids are always ready for more variety.  Now we can have one of our favorite dinner grains for breakfast with my Honey Nut Brown Rice Cereal!

Amber Weighing In On Instant Brown Rice

Have you tried the THRIVE Instant Brown Rice yet?  Post a comment below to tell us about your experience with it!

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