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Jackson Heights Diwali Mela

A batura, suggested my dining buddy, is halfway between poori and naan.

Also spelled bhatura, batoora, et cetera, this North Indian bread has airy, crisp bubbles that evoke the puffier poori and the chewier texture of the flatter naan. In the combo shown below ($5), a pair of baturas dwarfed their accompaniments, which was just as well — fresh from the deep-fryer, they were the best part of the platter.

For more photos from several Jackson Heights celebrations of Diwali (also Deepavali), the Hindu "festival of lights" (as in "inner light"), see the slideshow.

Jackson Heights Diwali Mela
74th St. between Roosevelt and 37th Aves., Jackson Heights, Queens
Autumn (the 2012 mela was held on October 14)

Jackson Heights Diwali Mela
Jackson Heights Diwali Mela
Jackson Heights Diwali Mela

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