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Henan cart

This Flushing-based enterprise might not turn so many heads near its home base, but it attracts considerable interest in the Chinese-food-poor Columbia University neighborhood.

The menu, which like the cart's operating hours is in flux, has listed Xi'an liang pi, "Northern-china" dumplings, squid teppanyaki, grilled skewers, and Guangdong-style boiled skewers. I've tagged it "Henan" on the word of the bilingual young man who expedites orders for a (seemingly) husband-and-wife cooking team. They come from that central Chinese province, he said, even if most or all of their chow does not.

Shown below is a weighty container, with pickled vegetables and hot sauce not yet mixed in, of "pork with boiled noodles" ($5), which sidetracked my previous plans for a pasta dinner. (Bolognese? Fra Diavolo? Decision deferred.) I've also noshed on assorted skinny skewers of grilled lamb, beef, pork, and chicken ($1 each). Lamb kidney skewers ($2) have eluded me; before each of my visits, they'd already been polished off by the student masses.

Henan cart
Broadway near the southeast corner with 115th St., Manhattan
Noonish till early evening; hours and days highly variable

Henan cart

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