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Recipe Cards Get a Makeover Once a month, Kelly from Oh So Beautiful Paper, a blog all about fabulous paper goods, will be stopping by to share with readers two of her favorite things: food and stationery.

To kick things off, we’ve rounded up a wonderful and diverse selection of recipe cards. From illustrated to letterpress printed (like the ones above from 9th Letter Press), there’s something for everyone. While you may not write down all your recipes anymore by hand, it’s always nice to accompany an edible gift (perfect for the upcoming holidays) with the handwritten recipe, too. It’s important that your ingredient lists look as good as they taste, and with these picks below, you’ll find an option here that fits right into your recipe box or atop a sweet gifted treat.

(Recipe cards and photos courtesy of: Rifle Paper Co.)
rifle paper recipe cards

(Pictured left: Love vs. Design; Pictured upper right: One Canoe Two; Pictured lower right: Egg Press)
recipe cards

(Pictured upper left: The Ruffly Owl; Pictured lower left: Igloo Letterpress; Pictured right: Susy Jack*)
recipe cards

(Pictured left: OhHelloMagpie; Pictured upper right: Tutta Lou Press; Pictured lower right: Yours is the Earth)
recipe cards

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