Halloween Table Decorations Featured

Start with a simple Halloween-inspired palette, add a dash of mischievous fun, then host a memorable dinner party. Be sure to try one (or more!) of these table settings and decorating ideas this Halloween.

By Elizabeth Roehrig

Your decor should be sophisticated yet never minimal. Simple linens and dishes in the Halloween color palette express a more adult ambience than the typical kid-centric party supplies. Try incorporating a few fun and playful elements to spark conversation.

Pictured: Graphic black-and-white plates and trays are the highlight of an autumn vignette. Affix them to the wall with Fun-Tak adhesive

Autumn Centerpiece

Use silk flowers to create an unexpected (and long-lasting) centerpiece. Choose daisies and marigolds or other flowers in shades evocative of fall foliage, and, using wire cutters, trim the stems to an inch and a half long. Then insert the flower heads into a Styrofoam ball to make a densely packed sphere.

A versatile decoration, these floral ornaments can be used to add punches of color throughout the room. Vary the size of the Styrofoam balls, mix the type and color of flowers, and tack on a nylon loop for hanging. Suspend them from a chandelier, or hang them over the dining table at differing heights. Make variations that are appropriate for other holidays — your imagination is the limit.


Autumn Napkin Rings

Themed napkin rings add a festive touch. For a six-legged spider, twist three pipe-cleaner pieces for the legs, then glue a black pompom in the middle and add googly eyes. For the fall harvest ring, twist two pipe cleaners into figure eights and hot glue leaves and nuts.

Broomstick Place Cards

Whimsical broomstick place cards will give guests a lift. Paint a dowel black for the broom handle. Fold strips of raffia in half and attach to the handle with a piece of string. Cut looped raffia ends to create bristles. Write guests' names on pieces of ribbon and hot glue to the handles.

Halloween Wine Markers

Eye-catching wine markers help guests keep tabs on their glasses. Cut 24-gauge wire into 10-inch lengths. Wind the wire around a pencil to create a coil. Follow instructions for the napkin ring to make the spider and glue to the coil. Cut the hat, pumpkin, and bat from colored craft foam.
Source: Halloween Table Decorations - Halloween Table Settings and Decorating Ideas - Country Living 
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