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Welcome to Korea! 

From the country where the world’s supply of perm solution gets shipped and every second pair of glasses deserves it’s own fashion statement, South Korea also delivers a diverse food menu of flavours, tastes and smells.

Samgyetang is a variety of guk or Korean soup, which primarily consists of a whole young chicken stuffed with sweet rice and Korean ginseng. According to the “Donguibogam,” a famous Oriental Science Medicine book, “ginseng in samgyetang strengthens the heart’s functions; garlic plays the role of a body energizer; chestnut and jujube protect the stomach and prevent anemia; and pumpkin seeds prevent parasites.

There are specialty restaurants in South Korea that serve nothing but Samgyetang, having gained local popularity through their special recipe which is often kept secret. The dish is usually accompanied by side dishes and, in some restaurants, a small complimentary bottle of insamju (ginseng wine).

The small dining room in Dolsan, South Korea, seats 16 and is run by husband and wife. Samgyetetang is the only dish on their menu, and here they cook it in a pressure cooker to order, although traditionally, it will be in a claypot.

It is the ultimate comfort food; the rice turning into a fragrant soupy porridge, soft chicken falling off the bones and sweet chestnuts alternated with side dish bites of pickled or spicy vegetables. It tastes nourishing to eat, not only for the palate, but for the being, each spoonful slowing you down.

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