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Tortang talong, like other Filipino tortas, is often branded an omelet but is actually a weighty eggplant frittata — a generous lunch for one when you figure in the customary plate of white rice. As in a similar dish at the exemplary Mama Meena's (it appears about halfway through that restaurant's slideshow), the stem ends of the roasted, skinned, flattened talong are left attached. At one time this practice may have vouched for the use of fresh eggplant; nowadays, I suspect, leaving the stems on is simply part of Filipino kitchen lore.

This version, tortang talong with giniling ($9.75), is "cooked with ground pork and shrimp," the menu explained. Whole shrimp were not in sight; my server later elaborated that they're ground together with the pork, bestowing the faintest of seafood flavors on the resulting pale product. Indeed, giniling is often described not in terms of surf-and-turf but simply as ground meat or as hamburger, which suits the condiment pairing, tomato ketchup.

Tito Rad's
49-12 Queens Blvd. (49th-50th Sts.), Sunnyside, Queens

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