Does the Sound of People Chewing Drive You Into a Rage? It’s Really a Thing and No I Didn’t Make it Up! [4 Tips for Dealing With Misophonia]

Authors: TheGreatFitnessExperiment  Don’t let the smiling kids throw you off. This is really a horror story.  Sip. Slurp. Chomp. Smack. Gulp. If listening to someone chew their food makes you want to either smack their lips off or chew your own ears off to make the noise stop, know that you are not alone. And not only do you have plenty of company ...

Foodie Fundraisers: Do You Bake or Buy? And Do You Go Healthy??

Authors: TheGreatFitnessExperiment This is exactly how I do it. Gives a whole new meaning to “these biscuits go straight to my tummy!” “You might be a bad mother if…” This weeks answer: Your kid always knows which items are yours at the bake sale due to the bright orange Sale! sticker on the package. Similar to redneck jokes, but a lot less funny (us ...
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