Healthy Eating App Review: eaTipster Featured

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Healthy Eating App Review: eaTipster

( A new healthy eating App, eaTipster has just been released for iPhone and iPad.   eaTipster is a mobile App created by Dietitians of Canada to make it easier for consumers to eat “healthy”. 

I love the food language used in the description: This App serves up a daily healthy eating tip (in English or French) that is fortified with research.  You can savour the tips so you can digest them later, you can serve them to your friends via share options and you can just get them when it works for your schedule. 

With this App, you can:

  • Customize the time of day when you wish to receive your tip under Settings.  I have set my notification to be for 6:30 am so it is ready for me when I start off my day!  When I look at the App icon on my phone, it indicates that I have a new tip ready for me.  
  • When you select the tip, a picture of hot drink appears while “your friendly dietitian is serving up today's tip".
  • After a brief tip comes in, you can “swipe” your screen for more information giving you action-oriented ideas of how to implement the tip.
  • You can add a tip to your “favourite” list, so you can go back for more (bottom left of screen).  Make sure you indicate what tip is your favourite – I have not figured out how to go back to access previously shared tips.  
  • You can share your tip via Facebook, twitter, email or text message (bottom right of screen). 

There have been tips around:

  • satisfying your sweet tooth naturally
  • regular versus super-vegetables and fruits
  • making your lunchtime better
  • tips about what is the difference between local and organic. 

Just like books, blogs and other information, the credibility of Apps is not guaranteed and depends on who is creating the content.  This App was created by dietitians to make it easier to eat well.   Though I haven't seen ALL the tips contained within this App, from what I have seen, I am very confident in the information contained in this App. 

eaTipster is simple, yet elegant and it is free.  The reviews thus far are positive including this one.  I wonder if Dietitians of Canada’s next cookbook might be linked into their eaTipster?  That would be super-customized! 

My only wish is that I could cheat and read all the tips I want right away and not have to wait every day – but I guess it leaves me hungry for more!



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