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Healthy Lifestyles - Before getting into the holiday season and New Year, it is good to think about to remove your extra pounds from the perspective of a minimum benefit of foie grass and chocolate log. It remains to find the appropriate method. 

1 / Weigh yourself regularly:

There was a time when experts recommended staying away from the scale, because of the potential chilling effect. That time is over: after studying 3500 individuals who lost 30 pounds and maintained their weight for at least a year, research shows that 44% of them are weighed every day. Unhealthy obsession? Not really, according to Dr. James Hill, director of nutrition at the University of Colorado: They use it as a warning signal to prevent weight regain. If your goal is to maintain a certain weight, it is imperative to have regular feedback to measure your efforts and success.

2 / Turn off the TV

The small screen is not only guilty of holding your inactive on your chair, through its advertisements make you consume food. Scientists from New York have recently shown that simply seeing food causes a physiological response that grows to feed. According to the study, images of foods cause an increase in brain activity in the brain area related to the acquisition. The ads are testing your limits, know this.

3 / to pray against fat

A study by Cornell University, American Christians who feel intimate with God through prayer are more physically active than others. "Studies have shown that those with the most social support move more, and be close to God can provide this support," says research director Karen Kim. Another possible explanation is that the American conception of religion being a temple of the body, can lead to a healthier lifestyle and increased physical activity.

4 / Watch out for munchies!

"Hunger increases the sensitivity of taste in humans for sweet and salty substances," said Dr. Yuri Zverev, University of Malawi. Coincidentally, chocolate bars or chips that we are in fact all distributors contain salt and sugar. These snacks will be even better for your palate. The solution: eat regularly throughout the day avoids these cravings.

5 / Almonds against fat

A recent study found that eating almonds seven times a day helps weight loss. For six months, patients of a medical center have experienced an American low-calorie diet with almonds and have reduced their weight by 18%. Almonds are rich in nutrients that provide fiber, protein and good fats that together contribute to the feeling of satiety. Our advice: choose raw almonds, no salt or baking. 15 to 20 snack and 50 to replace a meal.

6 / a good timing

The long summer days can help you lose weight. The best time to start a diet is the month of May, because the days are longer. This increases your energy level and decreases your appetite. In contrast, January is the worst time to start dieting. The days are shorter, it decreases your serotonin levels which causes food cravings.

7 / Cereal for dinner

A study by Purdue University shows that replacing a meal with cereals promotes weight loss. In one study, participants were eating cereal consumed an average of 640 calories a day and lost almost two pounds in two weeks. Of course, forget the delicious cereal with chocolate chips and prefer those with high fiber content associated with the low fat milk.

8 / Do not fear the needle

Polish researchers doing research on acupuncture and its effects on weight. The results showed that people who had gone under the needles have lost five pounds more than those who simply cut their caloric intake. Mary Cargill, Acupuncturist in Boston, says that pressure points on the body, especially the ears, trigger an electrical pulse in the brain that suppresses appetite.

9 / Dairy products, allies pure A study by the University of Tennessee has shown that people who eat every day the equivalent of 1200 mg of calcium content in dairy products, lose an average of 12 kilos, or 11% of their body weight. The reason is simple: when we are in lack of calcium, we are more likely to produce fat and less efficient to burn. A tall glass of low fat milk, yogurt or a little lighter portion of cheese must now be part of your everyday life.

10 / Bet on yourself

"Men do well when they plan a competition," says New York nutritionist Joy Bauer. Try a diet as a team to boost your motivation. You want to win the bet and avoid wasting your team. Healthy competition always brings out the best in individual.

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