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Healthy Lifestyles - Foods we eat provide the raw materials and energy for the movement of the system in the body is very complex, growth, repair, and regeneration of cells at any time. Our bodies work discard cells that have been damaged and replace it with a new and healthy. Therefore, to keep the body healthy, we need to eat nutritious food.

Various studies of health experts concluded that a person's nutrition affects the body growth and resistance to infectious disease. In addition, nutrition also affects the child's mental. It is associated with impaired brain cell growth that took place in early infancy, even in the womb. Poor quality of food is the leading cause of infant and child malnutrition throughout the world since the end of World War II.

Healthy food

In addition to be nutritionally complete and balanced, the food must also be suitable for consumption that is safe for health. Safe food is food that is free from germs and harmful chemicals, and not contrary to public belief.

Foods that do not conflict with religious beliefs or norms, known as "halal". So far, the concept of halal is commonly used in the rule of Islam, is often interpreted narrowly. Considered, all foods and beverages that do not contain elements of alcohol and pork meat is halal. The concept of halal food is very broad, but it does not contain alcohol and not pork, processed or prepared food should be hygienic so as not to contain contaminants (pollutants) that can harm human health.

Food or cuisine can satisfy the requirements of halal and safe for consumption, since the origin of food grown or reared until ready to eat, are treated well and properly. Treatment at this stage is called cultivation of good cultivation. At this stage of processing in households is a good way of handling.

Since the processing and packaging at the factory until the food is transported and marketed to the retailer or merchant directly to consumers, must be done properly and correctly. As for how good the food handling at home includes the ways: preparing, storing, washing, processing or cooking, and storing cooked food are good and right. With the implementation of the food will be protected from possible contamination of germs and chemicals that harm human health.

According to the science of nutrition, food safety must also meet the requirement "wholesome". This means that nutrients are not lost and a lot of physical form is still intact. Unless the food to be processed intentionally altered the physical form (such as fish flour used).

Common signs of food that is safe for health, among others; slimy, moldy, aroma and taste of food or color change. Especially for the food processing plant, if past expiration date, or there is rust or damage to the packaging, canned food should be immediately destroyed. Preferably, the food with such signs are not purchased and not consumed, although the price is very cheap

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