Signs The Body Needs Exercise Featured

Signs The Body Needs Exercise

Authors: Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles - Was also delayed intention to exercise? If half of the following five signs you've been through, then there is no reason to leave untouched the dusty sneakers. Below is a condition that could be a 'warning' that it's time you stopped running the intention to delay the exercise:

1. Out of breath when climbing stairs
If used to ride the elevator, you occasionally try 'climb' to the office by using the stairs. Needless to high, two floors will suffice. If the new half-way up you've started breathing hard, then immediately set a schedule for exercise.

When doing strenuous physical activity, quickened pulse and the body's need for oxygen increases. The panting breath signifies your body of oxygen. Useful exercise regularly blood circulation and deliver oxygen throughout the body.

2. Prolonged weakness and lethargy
Feelings of lethargy and fatigue that does not go away even after the rest may indicate you are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. One type of treatment recommended by the experts is to do sports. Exercise can help increase oxygen levels in the body and produces endorphins that can bring feelings of pleasure and health.

3. Often late thinkers

If physical activity is a powerful help to improve blood circulation throughout the body, including to the brain. That way, your brain will get a supply of oxygen and water needed to function properly. Hence, the circulation of blood can make the work less well constrained so that your brain has trouble accessing information.

4. Have trouble sleeping
Sleep problems like insomnia is often caused by psychological disorders resulting in difficulty of the body to rest. According to Shawn Talbott, Ph.D., writer of  The Cortisol Connection, sport is an activity that is very effective to relieve stress.

5. Often have a cold

Influenza disease caused by a virus that attacks the body's defense when we are weak. To avoid this, the immune system needs to be strengthened by exercise. Regular exercise is useful to improve the function of the lymphatic system and increase levels of leukocytes, white blood cells in the immune system function to fight infection.

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